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WACing Off
There once was a voluble WAC,
Who had a voluminous crack.
But she kept it shuttered;
Her motormouth muttered
While seamen entered from the back.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
The Wanker From Wales
There was a wanker from wales,
When he guffed he arose gales,
He wanked so hard,
His dick turned to lard,
When he trys to have sex he fails.

his name is lawrence mansell
Submitted by: Scotte
Wanking Machine
I once Found a wanking machine
who was made by a guy called sheen
when he had his 59th stroke
the fuckin machine broke
and it whipped his balls into cream
Submitted by: Chloe Paterson
Washing Done
There once was a man from Washington
Who got his cock and ass washing done
When his intern licked sperm
Off his worm and, in turn,
Turned her talents then to noshing buns.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Web Surfer
There was a Web-surfer named Jett,
Whose keyboard was constantly wet
With seminal slime,
'Cause he spent all his time
Sating urges at sites on the Net.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
The Wedding
there once was a gal from gibraltar
who married a young man named walter
when the vows were recited
they got so excited
they did it right there at the altar
Submitted by: alvin rhodes
The Wedding
there was a young lass from Gibraltar
that married a young man named walter
when the vows were recited
they got so excited
they did it right there at the altar
Submitted by: alvin rhodes
What Freaks
What Freaks is a site where
You can talk about shit and swear
It's sister site
Is Amiright
But you can't say fuck there
Submitted by: YASMR
What Freaks
There once was a site called What Freaks
Which brought out the best sort of geeks
They made up rude verses
And all sorts of curses
But as poets these geeks really reeks!
Submitted by: Jason
I once knew a girl from Wheeling
Who had a peculiar feeling
She laid on her back
And opened her crack
And pissed all over the ceiling
Submitted by: Milton Griswold
A whore from Peru
I once knew a whore from Peru
Who lined her vagina with glue
She said with a grin
If they pay to get in
They should pay to get out of it too.
Submitted by: Brian
A Whore From The Azores
There once was a whore from the Azores
Whose body was covered with syph sores.
The dogs in the street
Wouldn't eat the green meat
That hung down in front of her drawers.
Submitted by: Bill F.
Whore From The North
There once was a whore from the north,
Her head always weaved back and forth.
When the john had approached her,
He asked, 'What is your culture?'
She said, 'crackhead I may be one-Fourth.'
Submitted by: Sean Zamorano
Flyboy and Aerial Anna
Make love in a very strange manner.
As she 'powders her nose',
Flyboy worships her toes,
Wishing, meanwhile, he could tan 'er.
Submitted by: Dixon Prix
There once was a drillin' wildcatter,
Who lived to see the liquid splatter:
The black oil from the earth
And white "oil" that prompts birth
The latter spilled when his drill's fatter.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Willy The Bard
'Behold!' yelled Willy the bard
'My cock hangeth down half a yard'
'and forsooth, with the aid,
of that big-titted maid,
'twill get even longer when hard!'
Submitted by: scott
Woman From Venus
There once was a woman from Venus
Who wanted her very own penis.
She traveled the stars
And settled on Mars
'Cause the Martian penis is cleanest.
Submitted by: Tia
Woman in China
There once was a woman in China
Who stuck dynamite up her vagina.
She lit it on fire
In suicidal ire.
It blew her to South Carolina.
Submitted by: Josh Kane
Woman of Troy
There once was a woman of Troy,
so prim and proper and coy;
She went to the stable
and found the stablehand able,
She fell to with gusto, What joy!
Submitted by: Moondancer
World's WORST limerick
There once was a man from Dundee
Who got stung on the head by a wasp.
When asked 'Did it hurt?'
He said 'No, not a bit,'
'It can do it again if it likes.'
Submitted by: Rohan

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