We want your dirty limericks!

There once was a man named Adair
Who was fucking his girl on the stair
When the bannister broke
He quickened his stroke
And finished her off in midair
Submitted by: Deep
Advice for Steve
The priest's words to young brother Steve:
"'Tis better to give than receive."
That might not sound shocking
Except he was talking
About anal sex, I believe.
Submitted by: Not Steve
There once was a girl named Alice,
who used a stick of dynamite as a phallus,
they found her vagina
in South Carolina
and part of her anus in Dallas.
Submitted by: Bobo
The Alpaso Majic Trick
There once was a man from Alpaso
He used to live in a big castle
His most favorit trick
Is to stand on his dick
And to roll off the stage on his balls.
Submitted by: David Q.
Amish Amour
His love for her is the truest,
But his balls are turning bluest.
He wants Amish nooky;
She goes by the book; she
Says, "We must wed ere thou screwest."
Submitted by: John A. Barry
An Old Woman's Dance
I once heard an old woman say
'I am awfully horny today.'
She pulled down her pants
And did a quick dance
And with her clitoris did play
Submitted by: Tia
Animals' Butts
There once was a man who was nuts.
He liked to fuck animals' butts.
Rough intercourse
with a sheep and a horse
And he still likes them better than sluts.
Submitted by: Tia
The Archbishop
There once was a young Cath'lic sister,
Whose bunghole had a nasty blister.
So the archbishop said,
"Get on all fours in bed
And I'll administer a 'clyster.'"
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Are You Hungry?
A mammoth-gland man asked discreetly,
A girl her name; she replied sweetly,
"It's Aida, hung sir.
You show signs of hunger,
So if you would like, you may eat me."
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Ariana Golfgirl
Oftí in her youth, Arianni
Was spanked by her dominant nanny.
Thatís why, to this day
Golf professionals say
She is fond of exposing her fanny.
Submitted by: Dixon Prix
Around Me The Light Of Day Is Dimming
around me the light of day is dimming
the sound of the city has stopped brimming
what's that smell
what the hell
I just hit an outhouse while bike riding.
Submitted by: mememe
Ass Munch
There once was a fellow named Cletus
Who said that he wanted to meet us
We're nothing but whores
We got on all fours
Our tails in the air, we said "Eat us!"
Submitted by: DiceOfDeath
At A Cost
A young London tart, Sadie Brice,
Said, 'So what, while it may be a vice,
'There's one thing I know,
'This fucking for dough
'Is something that's well worth the price.'
Submitted by: Dixon Prix

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