We want your dirty limericks!

There once was a boy named Earl,
He dreamed of being a girl,
With a knife and a whack,
He now has a crack,
It's so gross,I think I will hurl
Submitted by: Robert Wright
Engineer Named Paul
There once was an engineer named Paul
who had a hexagonal shaped ball.
The square of its weight
plus penis plus eight
is his phone number. Give him a call!
Submitted by: Jeremy aka Stretch
Poor Weiner resigned in disgrace;
He didn't know the proper place
Or the time, much less,
To go and undress
And shoot pix. . .should have hit "erase."
Submitted by: John Barry
A guy to his friends said, "Excuse
My manners, boys, I've got sex news.
That woman you just metó
Hey, how could I forget?
We just split up, she's my ex-cooze."
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Explosive Orgasm
There once was a woman named Alice
Who used dynamite as a phallus
She blew her vagina
To North Carolina
Her tits landed somewhere near Dallas
Submitted by: DiceOfDeath

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