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Ode To Brent
There once was a guy named Brent,
whose dick was really bent.
When he would fuck,
It would get stuck
As in and out it went
Submitted by: Sandi
ode to evry1
if y'all don't stop doin this shit
you're all gonna land in a pit
full of needles and guns
housewives and housesons
this makes no sense at all, does it?
Submitted by: the girl that says yes
Ode To Lorena Bobbit
Oh where is that girl named Bobbit,
Who ran around like a damn hobbit,
She cut off my dick,
And gave it a lick,
And then she threw my cock out and split.
Submitted by: Very Anonymous
Ode To Rick
There once was a guy named Rick
Who had an exceptionally big dick
One day he had sex with a whore
And they fell through the floor
And that was the end of poor Rick!
Submitted by: Paul Stanley Jr.
Oil of Olay
His newlywed bride heard him say,
'First rub it with Oil of Olay -
Then get on your knees,
And give it a squeeze,
And swallow whatever I spray.'
Submitted by: Johnny D
Old man and the shoe
There was an old man from Peru
Who dreamt he was eating his shoe.
He awoke in the night
In a terrible fright
And found it was perfectly true.
Submitted by: Algiers River Rat
Old Man from Mount Clair
There was an old man from Mount Clair
who was fucking his wife on the stair
the banaster broke
he quickend his stroke
and he finished her off in mid air
Submitted by: Tim
Old Man from New Zeland
There was an old man from New Zeland who had a funny feelin, he laid on his back, tickled his crack,and pissed all over the ceilin.
Submitted by: Melissa Neal
Old Man from PURU
ther was an old man from puru who drempt he was eatting a shoe he awoke in the night with a terible fright and found it was perfectly true.
Submitted by: Melissa Neal
old man from wales
There was an old man from Wales,
Who lived on shit,snot and snails.
When he could'nt get these;
He lived on the CHEESE,
That he scraped from his knob,
With his nails!
Submitted by: timbitz
Old Man Named Post
There once was an old man named Post
Who spread TNT on his toast
They found his eyeglasses
Up some Thai twins asses
And his moustache on Ivory Coast.
Submitted by: Jason
Orff the Dwarf
There's an imp called Richard ("Dick") Orff,
Dubbed by the impolitic "dwarf."
He looks like a short tyke,
But he’s got support like
The long posts that hold up a wharf.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Osama Bin Laden

that sick fuck osama bin laden
did something to make yankees sadden
they respond with the navy
to bomb him to gravy
and the world after that, it did gladden
Submitted by: malcolm higgins
Oy Vey!
You sent pix in a tweet-deploy way
Is this how Congressional boys play?
You should have been skittish
About this; in Yiddish
Whats there left to say but "Oy vey!!"
Submitted by: John A. Barry

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