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Valley Stream Creamer
A geek teenager from Valley Stream
Had a most scandalous wet dream 'Cause it was kind of odd
That he'd shot his whole wad
In his older sister's vaginal cream
Submitted by: Ken Tao
A Vampire Called Mable
There was a vampire named Mable,
Whose periods were really quite stable.
Once every full moon,
She'd get out a spoon,
And drink herself under the table.
Submitted by: Kin Tomita-Duarte
Into her ear, uncle purred to niece:
'Your pussy smells like a fleur-de-lys.
By one thing Iím puzzledó
Itís why Iíve not nuzzledó
Why is it covered with verdigris?'
Submitted by: John A. Barry
A Canadian beauty named Gail
Left Vancouver one night VIA-RAIL.
The Engineer fucked her,
As did the Conductor,
And several guys hot on her trail.
Submitted by: ajandick
There once was a really old man,
And out of Viagra he ran.
Though his date did undress,
And he tried to impress,
He sighed, 'I don't think that I can!'
Submitted by: Sexy Government
Virgin No More
In her bearded cave of delight
He inserted his stabbered of life
In this grotto of pleasure
He found her ripe treasure
And pierced this red fruit like a knife
Submitted by: Larry Stewart

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