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fuck yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Tar30flot
I took my girl up on a dare
and gave her a screw on the stair
On the ninety- ninth stroke,
the bannister broke
and I finished her off in mid- air
Submitted by: Kieran from Nevada
The Hammer
Beltway jerkoffs call him 'The Hammer,'
Unlike Bush, he does know some grammar.
They're both Texas scumbags;
They both like a bumshag
When Hastert's jammed in Tom, he'll stammer.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Hello Konichiwa
Every year there's a party in Munich,
Where hot chicks can remove their tunics.
The gangbang begins,
Then there's sperm on their chins,
But it's only the beer that makes you sick.
Submitted by: XXX Oktoberfest
There was a young boy named Herkin,
Who was always jerkin his gerkin,
His mother said 'Herkin, stop jerkin your gerkin,
Your gerkin's for ferkin, Herkin'
Submitted by: I. P. Nightly
Hermit Dave
There once was a hermit named Dave
Dragged a dead whore up to his cave.
He said "I'll admit
I'm a bit of a shit
But look at the money I save"
Submitted by: Dave
A Hermit Named Dave
This is a slightly different version. I like Kat's version also.

There once was a hermit named Dave,
He kept a dead whore in his cave,
When you think of the smell.
Oh what the hell,
Just look at the money he saved.
Submitted by: Glenn
High School Football Fuck
There once was a preteen named Bass
Who met a curious young lass
With hard thrusts of his bone
They did loudly moan
As he humped her slick, tight ass.
Submitted by: Red Rebel
Hired Drummer
There once was a young man, a plumber
Who liked to get reamed in the bummer
He liked to feel sticks
And longed to hear clicks
He got both by hiring a drummer
Submitted by: Royce
Hooking Genius
There was a young lady called Brooking,
Who had a great genius for hooking.
She could fuck sixty guys
All quite the same size,
And tell which was which without looking.
Submitted by: Dixon Prix
Horny Old Man
There was an old-timer named Nick
Who thought that he'd get a quick trick.
Said he to a hooker
'My, what a looker.'
She proceded to lick his thick dick.
Submitted by: Tia
Hugh the Hacker
There once was a hacker named Hugh
Who finally found someone to screw
He pulled down her pants
Hoping for some romance
But then didn't know what to do
Submitted by: Leo Keough
An SUV driver named Drummer
Parked with his girlfriend one fine summer
Evening out by a lake.
The cop asked, "What’s the make?"
He hid her head and replied, "Hummer!"
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Did you know what's amazing about hyenas?
That even females have a penis?
She could easily fuck herself,
So now you can see for yourself,
Why they are the only laughing Felis.
Submitted by: Hello Konichiwa

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