We want your dirty limericks!

J D Rock
Eating my girl's pussy, she shat in my face
I said to her, that is a fucking disgace
She laughed and rubbed the shite in my hair
The dirty bitch just did not care.
Submitted by: Rocking Johnny
Jigger of Dickel
A sister-jizzing redneck, Hickel,
Once took a jigger of George Dickel,
Administered the shot
Up his sibling's taut twat
And sipped it as out it did trickle.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
There once was a cager named Jim
With a dick so incredibly slim
It could pass through the hole
Of a nano-sized goal
Without ever once touching the rim
Submitted by: Leo Keough
There once was a sailor named Joan
Who would lie on the deck and moan
But her coxswain's limp tiller
Grew stiller and stiller
And she had to finish off on her own
Submitted by: Leo Keough
Just Give Me The Money Honey
There was young strumpet named Sunni
Whose kisses were sweeter than honey.
And callers galore
Would line up at her door
To take turns in paying her money.
Submitted by: Dixon Prix

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