We want your dirty limericks!

I once knew a girl named Jill
I once knew a girl named Jill
She used dynamite to give her a thrill
They found her vagina
In South Carolina
And parts of her tits in Brazil
Submitted by: Brian
I once knew a woman from Sydney
I once knew a woman from Sydney
Who'd take it clear up to her kidney
Then a man from Quebec
Stuck it up to her neck
Now he had a big one, didn't he?
Submitted by: Brian
I Once Knew A Woman Named Alice
I once knew a woman named Alice
Who used dynamite as a phallus
they found her vagina
in North Carolina
and parts of her rectum in Dallas
Submitted by: Adam N McEluis
i'm wearing my headgear
You know sometimes your limericks suck
So bad it makes me want to chuck
I thought about it twice
I think I'm being nice
To say I just don't give a fuck.

Submitted by: tom rainville
In the Hayloft
In summer an old farmer named Croft,
Was summoned barnward--odors did waft:
Zopheromones bovine,
"So fair," he moaned, "Ovine!"
So he hied to hide in the hayloft.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Inter planetary colonization
An astronuat named Dave had to tell,
that Jane's hand in his spacesuit felt swell.
'keep gyrating the frequence,
and you'll activate my launch sequence,
and blow me and the ship to sticky hell'.
Submitted by: Cam
Is it real
Ghostly life sucks nair
Were knowned for no hair
what if you saw a ghost
What would you do, get the most.
Crap in underwear.

Submitted by: Alashia Smith
It's A Bit Of A Bugger
There was an old lecher of Leeds
Who spent all his life in misdeeds;
He just buggered the poor
Till his bell-end was sore,
That impious old lecher of Leeds.
Submitted by: Dixon Prix
it's something that rhymes with a runt
a wonderful girl did a stunt
when she opened her hairy clam front
she inserted a digit,
and released a small midget
then closed up the folds of her cunt
Submitted by: malcolm higgins

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