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Gal From Milwaukee
There once was a gal from Milwaukee
Who spit out some cum that was chalky
She said 'You taste like Tums
Mixed with day-old bread crumbs
You sure ain't a celery stalky'

Submitted by: Royce
A Gamewarden
A gamewarden up in the Sault (soo)
Ordered two punts, one canoe.
A message next day
Said girls on the way
But what in the hell's a panoe.
Submitted by: AjanDick
Gay Rest Home
There's a rest home designed for Gay Old Timer's, Gay Retards, Gay Psycho's, Gay Alzheimer's. The therapy and medication, Includes daily probing and group masturbation, Shock therapy induces the boners.
Submitted by: Hello Konichiwa
Gender Confusion
A lesbian lass from Rangoon
Took a gay lad to her room.
They had a great fight
Lasting all through the night
About who should do what And to whom.
Submitted by: Curly Dick
Girl From Coblence
There once was a girl from Coblence,
Her boobs were not huge but immense,
One day playing soccer,
She sprung her left knocker,
And kicked it right over the fence.
Submitted by: Wicks
Girl from Rangoon
There once was a girl from Rangoon
who farted into a balloon.
It rose up so high that
it stuck in the sky, where
It stank out the man in the moon.
Submitted by: Edwin Dewent
A Girl Named Gwyn
I once dated a girl named Gwyn
who committed a cardinal sin
when I thought she would drool
at the size of my tool
she just asked with a yawn, 'is it in?'
Submitted by: C4smurf
A Girl named Louise
There once was a girl named Louise
whose cunt hair hung down to her knees
the crabs on her twat
tied the hairs in a knot
and fashioned a flying trapeze
Submitted by: Hugh Jorgen
A Girl Named Nellie
There once was a girl named Nellie
Who said, 'Your crotch really is smelly'
And while she got sick
I stretched out my dick
And saw it was my foreskin jelly
Submitted by: Hugh G. Rection
There was a young harlot named Glenda, Liked either gender to bend her; She'd lie on her back, And pull open her crack, So they could table-end her pudenda.
Submitted by: Stafford Shashoua
The Gyno Exam
There once was an aged exotic dancer,
Who thought she'd developed cervical cancer.
As the gynecologist examined her,
He then saw all the sperm and in her,
And said "Just get off the sex, that's the answer".
Submitted by: Hello Konichiwa

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