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Un Homme de Montreux
Il y avait un homme de Montreux,
Qui lui disait un jour, "Mon dieu!
Tout ne va pas bien;
Je trouve que mon chien
Se trouve dans un trou. Oł? Mon creux!"
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Uncle Joe Visits Again
There once was a kiddie fiddler
Who was riddled with crabs and chlamydia
The little girl cried
as he slipped it inside
So he spat on her and said 'get it inta ya'
Submitted by: darkprince
Uncle Sid
There was an old uncle named Sid,
Who would do as his nieces would bid,
Read a story 'fore bed!
By which author ?, he said,
Uncle Remus!, they cried, so he did!
Submitted by: Fred Snider
Uncorked Bat
There once was a ballgirl named Kat,
Who one day doffed her baseball hat
As well as her clothes,
After quipping, "Pete Rose,"
And then uncorked the shortstop's bat.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Unmete Meat
This Weiner guy sure likes to tweet,
But the pix he sent are not mete.
To chicks he was cocky;
Bulging in his Jockey
Shorts was some long tumescent meat.
Submitted by: John A. Barry

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