We want your dirty limericks!

A young dairy farmer named Fine
With sows and sis got out of line.
Dads advice did follow
To him in the wallow:
'Dairymen keep to their own kine.'
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Darrel The Pirate
There once was a Pirate named Darrel.
He lived his life in a barrel.
He said 'Har Har Har,
Can I Borrow your car?
I want to go out with Cheryll.'
Submitted by: DarkJon64
Davy I
He couldn't be a swabbie, Davy;
He got seasick on waters wavy.
Still, he was with seamen,
Who, filled with his semen,
Said, "Davy, mate, you're in the Navy!"
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Davy II
An ex-seaman who was named Davy
Learned a kitchen trick in the navy.
On Thanksgiving day,
To stretch it a long way,
The cooks all jerked off in the gravy.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
The Deli
Some men just love to lift up dresses
And press their tongues through pubic tresses.
Some go for just a nosh,
But there's one guy, by gosh!
Who at the smelt-smell deli fresses!
Submitted by: John A. Barry
Deli Meat
Let me tell you 'bout young Mr. Deetz
Who comes in his pants when he eats.
He has now grown quite fat
And on top of that
He jerks off with most deli meats.
Submitted by: Tia
Dirt 'n' Squirt
Our frolics in the dirt did doom us,
Once the sitter started to groom us,
And found that my kid sis
Could just barely void piss
I'd filled her cunt with cum and humus.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
A Disgusting Old Fart named McDowell
A disgusting old fart named McDowell
liked to leave the rest-room smelling foul
and just for a rub
he would piss in the tub
and wipe his behind on the towel
Submitted by: Bird-Man
Do I dare?
She said to herself, "Do I dare?
Do I dare bare my pair, would he stare?
He might act like a louse
if I take off my blouse,
but I have two, shouldn't I share?
Submitted by: Big D
dont know what to do
there once was a man from peru
he didnt know what to do
he killed his dad with a flail
and his mom with a whale
then stuck them together with glue
Submitted by: Ryan Schubert.......(mcrj)........
Douchebag Named Skib
There once was a douchebag named Skib
Who so very much loved to fib
He was so impudent
He slept with a student
And ended up with two in the crib.
Submitted by: Jason
The Drug Dealer
I know a drug lord in Ljubljana,
He sells only the finest Marijuana.
But if you ever tick him off,
He'll cut your dick off,
And feed it to his pet iguana.
Submitted by: Hello Konichiwa
Dude Named Crow
There once was a dude named Crow
Who was known to bend an elbow
He drank til he stank
And he drunk til he stunk
And he ended up blowing his bro'.
Submitted by: Jason
Dumb As a Post
The douchebag Sarcastic Submitter
It seems got him/herself [etc.] all atwitter
His attempted riposte
Shows he's dumb as a post
With his head stuck up in his shitter
Submitted by: Submitter Schubmitter
Dunkin' Uncle
A man with feelings avuncular
Had a penis quite furnuncular.
To safeguard his young niece,
He would rub treated grease
On his pump before he’d dunk in her.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
The young lady was narcoleptic,
She was also an anorexic.
Then one day while she slept,
Into her mouth it crept:
Doc's dripped dick, now she feels dyspeptic.
Submitted by: John A. Barry

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