This is a list of the parody authors who have submitted 10 or more song parodies to whatfreaks. The total count will not include parodies that share co-author credit in the author name. The division line seperates authors who have submitted 25 or more parodies, which is the top submitters club.

Parody authors are invited to send an email to the site owner once they enter the top half of the list, to be given the ability to add a short biography (or whatever) to appear on their page.

Votes made during 2002 until August 2004 were lost on August 2004. Votes should only be referred to by authors as a form of feedback, and not a means of "competing" with other authors.

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Position # of Parodies Author NamePacingFunnyOverall # of Votes
1.0199Jagged Little Dyl4.274.234.25155
2.0172Pussy Assrocket And The Porno1.591.811.94115
4.0103Cameron Franklin2.743.072.9977
5.0075Andrew Woodard4.284.144.14202
6.0039Parody Princess4.614.704.7559
7.0033Captain Bootylicious4.364.384.40132
8.0024Daunte Lapree Carter4.924.884.89128
9.0023South Park Al4.944.904.9349
10.0022Sean Zamorano3.853.843.8268
12.0017Johnny B Baade3.643.633.64137
14.0014Mikey Squirrel4.674.714.6769
15.0014Mikey Boy4.084.184.1134
16.0013Paul R4.174.184.2264
17.0011Burnley Sad Acts4.304.284.2027
19.0010Knocker Rocker3.884.384.1214