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False Teeth
The was an old man out of Denton
An ugly old tart they did sent him.
He bit on her butch
But the smell was too much
That his false teeth came out all a bent-on.
Submitted by: ND
Farmer named Puckett
There once was a farmer named Puckett, had a pig and tried to fuck it,
The pig said with a grunt, my ass ain't no cunt,
but come around front and I'll suck it.
Submitted by: Glenn
Fat guy with lean arms
A fat man who couldn't be meaner
Liked to play with his wiener.
After a day
Of jerking away,
He found that his arms were much leaner.
Submitted by: Josh Kane
Fat Lady from China
There was a fat lady from China
Who had an enormous vagina
And when she was dead
They painted it red
And used itc for docking a liner
Submitted by: Rick Lonnen
Fellow Named Fletcher
There once was a fellow named Fletcher,
And he was a relentless lecher.
He went at it a week,
Then he was spent and weak.
They ferried him off on a stretcher.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
mademoiselle fifi from france
flagged a freight train by chance;
the engineer fucked her
and so did the conductor
while the brakeman shot off in his pants
Submitted by: joet
The Fisherman From Reykjavik
There was a fisherman from Reykjavik, Who was sad, lonely, and sea sick. While wanking into the sea, He was cursed by a nautical nordic banshee, And now he has only a half-dick.
Submitted by: Hello Konichiwa
A flea and a fly
A flea and a fly in a flue
Were imprisoned so what could they do
'Let us fly' said the flea
Said the fly 'Let us flee'
So they flew through a flaw in the flue
Submitted by: YASMR
Fonzie said his girlfriend named Pinky
Was really quite wild and kinky
And her pussy tastes fine
Like an old vintage wine
But he said that her butthole was stinky
Submitted by: Bob Nelson
Fool Named Bell
There once was a fool name of Bell
Whose own home he failed to sell
He burned the house down
Right down to the ground
And one day he'll burn, too, in Hell
Submitted by: Jason
Four Hands
Playing four hands on the piano
Means doubling mano-a-mano.
But playing four hands
Upon the male glands
Can change baritone to soprano.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
There once was a felcher named Frist,
Who dropped to his weak knees and kissed
His boyfriend's fucked bum,
Then sucked out all the cum,
After which, he gave it a full fist.
Submitted by: John A. Barry
From the depths of the crypt at St Giles
From the depths of the crypt at St Giles
Came a scream that resounded for miles
Said the vicar, "Good Gracious,
Has Father Ignatius
Forgotten the Bishop has piles?"
Submitted by: Tetenterre

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