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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"Almost A Woman To Me""Always A Woman To Me"Billy Joel5.005.005.00112004-09-14
"Amused By Porn""The Unicorn"The Irish Rovers5.005.005.00222004-09-02
"Brother's Little Pecker""Mother's Little Helper"The Rolling Stones5.005.005.00502004-08-23
"Catholics Are Screamin'""California Dreamin'"Mamas And The Papas4.004.114.11942004-08-19
"Foulmouth Talk""Jailhouse Rock"Elvis Presley5.005.005.00102004-08-24
"The Gerbil And The Damage Done""The Needle And The Damage Done"Neil Young5.005.005.00302004-10-22
"Hooker For Some Crack""Leader Of The Pack"the Shangri-las4.674.674.67312004-09-04
"I'm Squirmin' Through A Gay Guy""I Heard It Through The Grapevine"Marvin Gaye5.005.005.00112004-09-02
"Incest Experiment""Incense And Peppermint"Strawberry Alarm Clock5.005.005.00202004-09-07
"I Wan't Furry Love""You Can't Hurry Love"The Supremes5.005.005.00112004-08-24
"I Was Paid To Love Her""I Was Made To Love Her"Stevie Wonder5.005.005.00102004-08-19
"Love Notions Towards A Swine""Love Potion Number Nine"The Clovers5.005.005.00112004-08-27
"A Man Or A Woman ?""American Woman"The Guess Who5.005.005.00102004-09-14
"My Molestation""My Generation"The Who5.005.005.00112004-08-29
"Orgy Girl""Georgy Girl"The Seekers5.005.005.00322004-10-22
"Papa Never Jumped Your Bones""Papa Was A Rolling Stone"The Temptations5.005.005.00202004-08-19
"Pissed That My Dog Is Gay""Twistin' The Night Away"Sam Cooke5.004.335.00312004-08-29
"Randy""Brandy"Looking Glass5.005.005.00212004-09-15
"Saggy Bust""Magic Bus"The Who5.005.005.00102004-08-27
"She's A Crack Ho""She's A Rainbow"The Rolling Stones5.005.005.00102004-11-19
"This Young Man""This Old Man"Children's Song5.004.504.50212004-08-19
"Two Of Them""Two Of Us"The Beatles5.005.005.00102004-08-23
"Uncle Fucka/Miserable Palsy""Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"Paul Mc Cartney5.005.005.00202004-08-20