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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"Dyke Bar""Dark Star"Crosby, Stills & Nash5.005.005.00202004-08-20
"Gangsta-Rap Days""Those Were The Days (Opening Theme Song to 'All In The Family')"Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton3.753.503.75402004-11-28
"I Don't Mind Exposing My Vagina""Carolina In My Mind"James Taylor5.005.005.00512004-08-11
"In Tight Again/Grind And Force My Penis""Daylight Again/Find The Cost of Freedom"CSN2.252.252.25802004-09-20
"In Your Rear End""You've Got A Friend"James Taylor3.003.003.00502004-08-11
"Ive Got A Schlong""I Got A Name"Jim Croce3.603.603.60502004-08-06
"Jack's Night In The Slammer""Maxwell's Silver Hammer"The Beatles5.005.005.00412004-08-29
"Just Some Porn To Make It Grow""Just A Song Before I Go""Crosby, Stills & Nash"
"Mary Cheney""Penny Lane"The Beatles5.005.005.00302004-11-06
"Neighbor's Daughter""Black Water"The Doobie Brothers4.334.675.00622004-08-24
"Quite Fine Beaver""White Line Fever"Flying Burrito Brothers4.864.864.86712004-08-09
"They Were Hot Lays""Those Were The Days"Cream4.604.604.60502004-08-09
"Why Jail Is Hell(Dirty)""Can't Stop"Red Hot Chili Peppers4.674.674.67302004-08-19