This is the latest stuff submitted to the site, broken down by the artists that performed them. I only list performers who have a lot of submissions on the site already, so Britney Spears is listed here, but Adrian Belew isn't here even though I do have a few things about him on the site.

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The 40 groups with the most material on the site appear below, most popular to least.

Lady Gaga Taylor Swift red hot chili peppers Queen
Michael Jackson Mariah Carey Madonna Billy Joel
Who Whitney Houston Traditional Smash Mouth
Pink floyd Nirvana Metallica Matchbox 20
Maroon 5 Katy Perry Green Day Frank Sinatra
Eminem Elton John Eagles Britney Spears
Bon Jovi Blink 182 Black Sabbath Beatles
Beach Boys Avril Lavigne Alice In Chains Aerosmith
U2 Rolling Stones R.E.M. Miley Cyrus
Adele Soundgarden Doors Cher
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