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Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2""Another Spot On My Balls"Shit Floyd
"Another Brick in the Wall Part 2""Song of the Jailbreakers"Romersa's Protege
"Another Brick In The Wall (Pts. 1+2)""Another Dick With Sheryl Crow (Pts. 100+45,090000)"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Careful With That Axe, Eugene""Careful With My Ass, Angel Long"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2)""Another Dick With Anne Robinson (Pts. 1 & 1005)"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Echoes""Bumholes"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Another Brick in the Wall""Play with Your Dick and Your Balls"Pink Void
"Another Brick in the Wall""Another Dick With Some Balls"Lon
"The Wall, Part 2""Dubya - Another Prick on the Wall "Don Davis
"Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)""Another Dick In The Wall"Negrodamus

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