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Sep 16 "Fetish Game" by Doc Woody a parody of "Aeroplane" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
We all know Aeroplane is really about sadomasochism. I just provided the correct words. MediaMax: (MP3) (Comments)
Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"under the bridge""under average"jagged little dyl
"They're Red Hot""I Ain't Aussie Tonight"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"If You Have To Ask""If I Have A Bomb"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Higher Ground""Grounds Of Whores"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Apache Rose Peacock""See The Rose Peacocks"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno
"Soul To Sqeeze""A Load To Sqeeze"Daunte Lapree Carter
"Give It Away""Prostituite Song"metaleagle777
"Aeroplane""Fetish Game"Andrew Woodard
"Other Side""Up The Butt Tonight"Runny Sauce (it's really Sonny Ross but I'm dislexic)
"Can't Stop""Why Jail Is Hell(Dirty)"Paul R

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