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Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"All The Small Things""I'll Suck Small Things"Sunny Ross (Runny Sauce for dislexics)
"I Miss You""Diss You "That Guy Over There
"Adam's Song""Adam's Dong"Joseph Douglas Hitch
"Adam's Song""Adam's Dong"Joseph Douglas Hitch
"Whats My Age Again""How Big Is It Again ( The French Queer's Cocksucking Song)"A. Fulkerson
"What's My Age Again""Sara Gave Me A Bonner"D.J. T.J.
"What's My Age Again""What's Her Name Again"Someone Else
"Whats My Age""Too Young to Masturbate"Vivek Rathore
"The Rock Show""The Peep Show"Nick and Will Shaw
"The Rock Show""The Strip Club"YASMR

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