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Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Wanted Dead or Alive""I farted, Is She Dead or Alive"Shiloh Padget
"Born To Be My Baby""Born To Bleed, My Lady"Jagged Little Dyl
"Livin' On a Prayer""Soiled Underwear"Lon
"You Give Love a Bad Name""I Just Made a Cum Stain"Lon
"Wanted Dead or Alive""Wanted Head While I Drive"Lon
"Lost Highway""Lost Cookie"Burnley Sad Acts
"You Give Love A Bad Name""You Give Maths A Worse Name"Burnley Sad Acts
"It's My Life""It's My Wife"Lon
"Bad Medicine""Bad Head Again"Captain Bootylicious
"Livin' on a Prayer""Livin' with a Square"Captain Bootylicious

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"Living On A Prayer"
Better Lyrics:
Hoe! Your Halfway There Ya Hoe Playing On The Bed Lick Your Arse I'll Do It I Swear
Original Lyrics:
Oooh Halfway There Ah-a Living On A Prayer Take My Hand We'll Make It I Swear
Submitted by: Nanalarda
"You Give Love a Bad Name"
Better Lyrics:
Stroked on my cock, and then I came
Darlin', I just made a cum stain
Original Lyrics:
Shot through the heart, and you're to blame
Darlin', you give love a bad name
Submitted by: Lon
"You Give Love A Bad Name"
Better Lyrics:
Shot to the balls, and you're to blame.
Darlin' you give plastic surgeons a new game!
Original Lyrics:
Shot to the heart and you're to blame.
Darlin' you give love a bad name
Submitted by: Nathaniel Lind
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