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If this is your first time submitting a parody to whatfreaks, please read the rules. They aren't complicated, asshole. If they seem rude, well, fuck you, just read them.

  • Fill out all the fields.
    (Except the header and footer, they're optional).
  • Adult Content PLEASE
    If your parody descibes sexual behavoir, it will DEFINITELY be added to this site. If your parody deals with sex, PLEASE submit it. If you can only say something to someone 10 or older, MOST DEFINITELY submit it.
    If your parody descibes racism or hate speech find somewhere else to send it. Advocating violence against an individual or group is also forbidden.
  • Please make sure you SPELL CHECK your work.
  • No abbreviated speak.
    L1K3 TH1S, U KN0W? Parodies with annoying kiddie/hacker/LEET speak, are never accepted.
  • No parodies about other parody authors.
    No attack parodies please.
  • Only submit songs YOU PERSONALLY HAVE WRITTEN.
  • Properly format your parody.
    Every line of the song, should have the enter key pressed after it, so that it looks like song lyrics, and not one giant run on paragraph. If you don't understand what a properly formatted parody should look like, look at the song lyrics for the song you are parodying on a song lyrics website.
  • No partial parodies.
    No parodies which state things like "I haven't bothered to complete this". If you didn't bother to do the whole song, I won't bother to accept it.
  • No short songs.
    This mean TV theme shows, commercials, or any other song with less than 10 unique lines.
  • No lowercase names.
    I will capitalize the first letter of each word in a name.
  • Corrections.
    Once your parody is submitted to the site, you are not allowed to make corrections to it. You will need to resubmit your parody and ask for the old one to be removed.
  • No HTML markup
    HTML codes are stripped out. Do not enter any html commands (like <B> or <br>) as they will get stripped out. <a href=""> tags are the only tags accepted and must appear in the comment fields only.
  • No Special Characters
    Special characters from Microsoft Word (Smart quotes) or copyright/trademark symbols are also not permitted. Extended ASCII is not permitted, basically, if it doesn't appear on your keyboard, it's not supported. You are permitted to use entity names, such as &copy;

Parodies which do not follow the above guidelines, will not be approved for the website. Contact JerkOff prior to submission of your parody if you need an exception.

It is highly recommended that you do not write the parody in the form submission box. You should use a text editor or word processor like Microsoft Word and cut and paste your work into the form. If a parody is not approved the first time, it is deleted from the site and you will need to re-enter the entire thing.

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