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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"69 Fuck Song""59th St. Bridge Song"Simon And Garfunkel5.005.005.00102005-04-18
"69 Fuck Song""59th St. Bridge Song"Simon And Garfunkel5.005.005.00202005-04-18
"Candy The Redlipped Hooker""Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer"Christmas Tune5.005.005.00302005-04-06
"Candy The Redlipped Hooker""Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer"misc5.005.005.00102005-04-18
"A Day With Your Wife""A Day In The Life"Beatles3.003.003.25412007-07-30
"Gagged And Bound""Homeward Bound"Simon And Garfunkel4.204.204.20512007-08-31
"Gays in the Coffin""Cats in The Cradle"Harry Chapin2.332.332.33602004-08-11
"The Gobbler""The Gambler"Kenny Rodgers3.004.003.50202005-04-18
"Ice Cream Man""Ironman"Ozzy Osbourne5.005.005.00202004-08-09
"Keep It Greazy""Take It Easy"Eagles2.503.502.50422007-08-31
"Leprosy""Let It Be"Beatles3.673.673.67302005-04-06
"Leprosy""Let It Be"Beatles5.005.005.00112005-04-18
"Mr. Faggoty Guy""Ms American Pie"Don Mclean3.403.403.40502005-04-18
"Mr Faggoty Guy"" Ms. American Pie"Harry Chapin3.332.332.83602005-04-06
"My Brittle Bony""My Little Pony"Hasbro1.501.501.50222007-07-30
"Necrophilia!!""Oh Cecilia!"Simon And Garfunkel5.005.005.00312004-08-11
"No Cream""No Rain"Blind Melon2.672.672.67312007-07-30
"No More Pickin' Cotton""Down On The Corner"CCR3.002.332.67302005-04-18
"Now I Know Why I Dont Have That Much Gay Pride""Blister in The Sun"Violent Femmes4.504.504.50202004-08-11
"Sad Sad Kooter Brown""Bad Bad Leroy Brown"Jim Croce5.005.005.00102005-04-06
"We Are The Faggots!""We Are The Champions"FREDDIE MERCURY!2.622.002.00802005-04-18