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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"Between her Thighs""Lyin Eyes"The Eagles4.754.754.75412004-09-20
"Blue Balls""Wrecking Balls"Miley Cyrus002014-05-20
"Can't Take My Dick Outta You""Can't Take My Eyes Off You"Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons5.005.005.00512004-09-30
"Come Bang Away""Come Sail Away"Styx5.005.005.00302004-09-20
"Erotic""Ironic"Alanis Morrisette5.004.755.00402004-09-20
"Hey Mojados""Desperado"The Eagles4.805.004.80512004-09-20
"The Horny Young Man""The Angry Young Man"Styx5.005.005.00302004-09-20
"It's Just Dried Up Jizz""Living on the Edge"Aerosmith2.432.432.57712004-08-03
"It's Time for Crampin'""We Are the Champions"Queen3.603.603.60502004-09-20
"Of Stud or Worm""Of Wolf and Man"Metallica2.803.003.00512004-09-26
"Pain in My Balls""Wrecking Ball"Miley Cyrus5.005.005.00102014-05-20
"Play With My Bone""Home Sweet Home"Motley Crue3.003.003.00502004-08-03
"Please Seduce Me""Please Forgive Me"Bryan Adams3.253.253.25402004-08-03
"Sister Sweet Down There""Sister Golden Hair"America4.834.834.83622004-10-13
"When You Fuck A Woman""When You Love A Woman"Journey5.005.005.00612004-08-03
"White Woman""White Wedding"Billy Idol5.005.005.00302004-10-17
"Your Hair Pie""In Your Eyes"Peter Gabriel2.202.202.20502004-08-03