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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"All I Need Was Fun""All You Need Is Love"Lennon/Mccartney3.001.001.00102011-04-17
"Angel Long (Uncensored Rap)""Battlestar Scralatchtica"Incubus2.002.002.00102011-05-23
"Anime Chair""Angry Chair"Alice In Chains
"Another Dick With Anne Robinson (Pts. 1 & 1005)""Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2)"Pink Floyd1.501.001.00202011-04-09
"Another Dick With Sheryl Crow (Pts. 100+45,090000)""Another Brick In The Wall (Pts. 1+2)"Pink Floyd2.001.001.00102011-08-28
"Another One Gives A F''k""Another One Bites The Dust"Queen2.331.331.33302011-08-28
"Ass To Mouth""Hand In Glove"The Smiths002011-04-09
"Babes ""Ant Farm"Eels2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Bain While I Shag""Rain When I Die"Alice In Chains1.002.005.00102011-05-06
"Ballad Of Emma Bunton""Ballad Of John And Yoko"Beatles1.002.002.00102011-04-09
"Battle Of What Freaks ""Battle Of Who Could Care Less"Ben Folds Five1.002.002.00102011-06-12
"Big Knockers""Kim"Eminem1.501.501.50202011-03-26
"Big Old Ozzy""Big Bang Baby"Stone Temple Pilots002011-04-17
"Born On The Same Day As Yeast Infections""Born On The Bayou"Creedence Clearwater Revival1.001.001.00202011-04-17
"Britney Lookalike: Hampton VA""Elvis Impersonator; Blackpool Pier"Manic Street Preachers1.001.001.00102011-05-06
"Bumholes""Echoes"Pink Floyd002011-03-19
"Bummer""Hummer"The Smashing Pumpkins002011-06-12
"The Bums Had Hurt And Thank Me""The World Has Turned And Left Me"Weezer002011-04-09
"Careful With My Ass, Angel Long""Careful With That Axe, Eugene"Pink Floyd002011-05-23
"Cemetery Gays""Cemetery Gates"Pantera1.001.001.00202011-07-02
"Charles Manson""Blue Orchid"The White Stripes002011-04-17
"Cheerleaders' Song""Immigrant Song"Led Zeppelin5.004.005.00102011-04-17
"Chokin' On A Calypso""Wicked Garden"Stone Temple Pilots002011-05-23
"Circled Shit""Circle Of Hands"Uriah Heep1.002.005.00102011-07-02
"Clits""Chimes"Friendly Fires2.002.002.00102011-04-24
"Closer To The Fart""Closer To The Heart"Rush1.001.001.00102011-04-09
"Contestants In The UK""Anarchy In The UK"Sex Pistols002011-03-26
"Cum Will Fuck You Up""Love Will Tear Us Apart"Joy Division002011-05-06
"Dam That Actress""Dam That River"Alice In Chains1.002.002.00102011-08-28
"Dam That Actress""Dam That River"Alice In Chains1.001.001.00102011-08-28
"Disco Whinge""Idiot Wind"Bob Dylan002011-06-12
"Don't Smoke That, You Nanny""Don't Look Back In Anger"Oasis1.002.002.00102011-05-06
"Essex Girls In My Bed""Burden In My Hand"Soundgarden002011-04-09
"Everything Is Ho""Everything Must Go"Manic Street Preachers1.002.002.00102011-05-06
"Fairies Wear Boobs (Explicit)""Fairies Wear Boots"Black Sabbath1.002.002.00102011-04-09
"A Farewell To Briana Banks (Pts. I-III)""A Farewell To Kings"Rush002011-03-19
"Fell On Crap Days""Fell On Black Days"Soundgarden002011-06-12
"Fondling Idiot""American Idiot"Green Day1.001.001.00102011-05-23
"Fucked Up My Christmas""Dead Christmas"Monster Magnet002011-07-02
"Fuck Me""Lucky"Radiohead002011-03-19
"Fuck My Children""Teach Your Children"Crosby Stills Nash & Young2.002.002.00402011-07-02
"Fuck Yourself""Drain You"Nirvana2.002.002.00102011-03-26
"Gary Barlow (Explicit)""Last Resort"Papa Roach002011-04-17
"Gay Man (Sultans Of Piss)""Sultans Of Swing"Dire Straits2.002.002.00102011-06-12
"Girlfriend Is French""Monkey Wrench"Foo Fighters002011-08-28
"Give A Toss""Burn It Down"Dexy's Midnight Runners1.001.001.00102011-05-23
"God's Shite""God Smack"Alice In Chains2.002.002.00102011-06-12
"Got My Dick Chewed""Fell On Black Days"Soundgarden002012-10-03
"Grounds Of Whores""Higher Ground"Red Hot Chili Peppers1.001.001.00102011-03-26
"Hair""Air"Ben Folds Five1.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Havin' A Lick""Derelict"Beck1.002.002.00102011-05-23
"Hello Ashley Tisdale (Explicit)""Hello Kitty Kat"The Smashing Pumpkins002011-04-17
"Hello Candida (Explicit)""Hello Operator"The White Stripes002011-04-17
"HIV-Friendly Unit Shifter""Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"Nirvana002011-03-19
"Holiday In Argentina (Explicit)""Holiday In Cambodia"Dead Kennedys2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Hooray, Hooray""Tonight, Tonight"The Smashing Pumpkins002011-04-17
"Horny Stewardess""Holiday"Madonna1.501.001.00202011-08-28
"I Ain't Aussie Tonight""They're Red Hot"Red Hot Chili Peppers002011-06-12
"If I Have A Bomb""If You Have To Ask"Red Hot Chili Peppers2.001.001.00102011-05-06
"I Kill Brummies""I Kill Children"Dead Kennedys002011-05-23
"I'm A British Porn Star""Rock N' Roll Star"Oasis1.002.002.00102011-08-28
"I'm Gonna Drive For A While To Shag Me""You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party"Beastie Boys1.002.002.00102011-03-26
"I'm In Love With My Arse""I'm In Love With My Car"Queen002011-07-02
"I'm So Sassy""Me In Honey"REM002011-06-12
"In The Days Of Briana Banks""In The Days Of The Caveman"Crash Test Dummies2.002.002.00102011-07-02
"In The Stripclub""In The Garage"Weezer002011-02-26
"Island In My Bum""Island In The Sun"Weezer3.001.001.00102011-07-02
"Kelly's Chambers""Molly's Chambers"Kings Of Leon002011-04-17
"The Ladies""The Distance"Cake1.002.002.00102011-06-12
"Lazy Brain""Crazy Train"Ozzy Osbourne2.002.002.00102011-05-06
"The Lego Mob""The Angry Mob"Kaiser Chiefs3.003.003.00102011-04-24
"Lesbian Chair""Angry Chair"Alice In Chains1.002.002.00102012-12-02
"Let's Dont Play Polka""Let's Play Polka"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno002011-04-17
"Loo Roll""Song 2"Blur1.002.002.00102011-04-09
"Love To Shag""Rags To Rags"Eels2.002.002.00102011-03-19
"Madonna's Hollywood Packed Up My New Shit""Youth Culture Killed My Dog"They Might Be Giants002011-07-02
"March Of Bill Clinton""March Of The Pigs"Nine Inch Nails1.002.002.00102011-04-09
"Master Of Boobies (Explicit)""Master Of Puppets"Metallica002011-04-09
"Miss Britney Le Spears""Mr Self Destruct"Nine Inch Nails1.002.002.00102011-07-31
"MMM Boobs""Hey Jude"Lennon/Mccartney002011-11-19
"My Beloved Pornstar""My Beloved Monster"Eels2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"My Girlfriend's Erection""My Generation"The Who002011-05-06
"My Irish Man""My Iron Lung"Radiohead002011-05-06
"My Little Samantha""Baby"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno002011-04-17
"My Shit Song""Your Song"Elton John1.001.001.00102011-06-12
"The Napster Song""Napster Sucks A Uzi"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno002011-04-17
"Nice Fat Bitches""Fake Plastic Trees"Radiohead002011-03-19
"Nicole And Candida""Jack And Diane"John Cougar Mellencamp2.001.001.00102011-04-09
"Nipple Hair""Alone - Easy Target"Foo Fighters3.003.003.00102011-04-17
"Novocaine For The Porn""Novocaine For The Soul"Eels2.002.002.00102011-03-19
"Nudity O Rhapsody""Bohemian Rhapsody"Queen002011-04-09
"Number Up The Yeast (Explicit)""Number Of The Beast"Iron Maiden2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Oh My God (Toilet)""Pay No Mind (Snoozer)"Beck1.002.002.00102011-02-26
"Paris Hilton's Arse""Black Hole Sun"Soundgarden2.332.332.33302010-10-09
"PC World (Explicit)""Warehouse"Dave Matthews Band1.001.001.00102011-04-17
"People = Lolly Badcock""People = Shit"Slipknot2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"The Polka Is Dead""Polka Your Eyes Out"Weird Al Yankovic5.004.005.00102011-05-23
"Porno Mags And Pepsi""Poprocks And Coke"Green Day002011-05-23
"Porno""Cologne"Ben Folds1.002.002.00102011-04-02
"Prancing Boobs (Explicit)""Dancing Shoes"Arctic Monkeys1.002.002.00102011-04-24
"Prostitute""Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town"Pearl Jam1.001.001.00202011-03-26
"Pussy""Piggy"Nine Inch Nails2.002.002.00102011-03-26
"Queer Eye For The New Guy (Explicit)""Blackhole"Beck1.002.002.00102011-04-17
"R2D2 Fan""Spoonman"Soundgarden002011-08-28
"Ripple Ripple Little Arse""Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"Traditional3.001.002.00102011-04-09
"Salford Prison Boobs""Folsom Prison Blues"Johnny Cash002011-04-17
"Sassy Boo""Gratitude"Beastie Boys1.001.001.00102011-04-17
"Saxophone B'''h""Sabrosa"Beastie Boys002011-07-02
"Sean Zamorano""Buddy Holly"Weezer1.001.001.00102011-04-17
"Seen Your R Kelly Video""Seen Your Video"The Replacements002011-05-14
"See The Rose Peacocks""Apache Rose Peacock"Red Hot Chili Peppers002011-03-26
"Sex Cheat (Rap)""Car Thief"Beastie Boys1.002.002.00102011-03-19
"A Sex Guy's White""A Hard Day's Night"Lennon/Mccartney1.001.001.00112011-08-28
"Sex Life""Range Life"Pavement2.002.002.00102011-05-06
"Sex Oddity ""Space Oddity"David Bowie2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Sex Traffic""Day Tripper"The Beatles1.002.002.00102012-10-03
"Sexy Back So Clean""Spin The Black Circle"Pearl Jam1.001.003.00102011-05-06
"A Sexy Big Me Called Sara""Tire Me"Rage Against The Machine1.001.001.00102011-04-09
"Sexy Rebecca""Sex And Candy"Marcy Playground1.001.001.00102011-03-19
"Sexy, Whiny People""Shiny Happy People"REM002011-06-12
"Shagging In The Dark""Dancing In The Dark"Bruce Springsteen002011-04-09
"Shagging In Your Bathroom""Swimming In Your Ocean"Crash Test Dummies1.001.001.00102011-05-06
"Shagging You""Agadoo"Black Lace1.002.002.00102011-07-02
"She Loves Marlon Brando""She Watch Channel Zero"Public Enemy002011-06-12
"Shite A Brother""Light Another"Cypress Hill2.002.002.00102011-05-14
"Shit Riddance (Time To Fuck Off My Wife)""Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)"Green Day002014-07-25
"Shittier _ Hotter""Fitter Happier"Radiohead002011-04-09
"Shit, Vomit, And Gurge""Trip, Stumble, And Fall"Mamas And The Papas3.003.003.00102011-07-02
"Shit""Brick"Ben Folds Five1.002.002.00102011-03-19
"Shoving Does Matter""Nothing Else Matters"Metallica002011-04-09
"Sixteens""Mayonaise"The Smashing Pumpkins002011-04-17
"Skin Me""Big Me"Foo Fighters002011-03-19
"Smells Like... Mmm""Smells Like Nirvana"Weird Al Yankovic002011-03-26
"Snog You""Longview"Green Day002011-02-26
"Snog""Smoke"Ben Folds Five3.005.004.00102011-06-12
"So Sexy""Tsunami"Manic Street Preachers1.003.003.00102011-03-26
"Stalker""Kate"Ben Folds Five2.002.002.00102011-01-08
"Stricken People""Common People"Pulp002011-05-06
"Suck-A-Dick""Helmet In The Bush"KoRn2.002.002.00102011-04-09
"Sun Of Jenna Jameson (Explicit)""Runaway Train"Soul Asylum2.003.003.00102011-04-17
"Teen Pin-Up""Disarm"The Smashing Pumpkins002011-08-28
"Terry Wogan's Pieces Of Shite""Territorial Pissings"Nirvana002011-06-12
"There's Some If You Want Me, It's Easy To Hide""The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"Morrissey002011-04-17
"These Girls""Them Bones"Alice In Chains1.002.002.00102011-08-28
"This Was A Pimp""This Is A Call"Foo Fighters2.002.002.00102011-08-28
"Undercover Of Viagra""Undercover Of The Night"The Rolling Stones002011-04-17
"Up My Room""In My Weenie"Pussy Assrocket And The Porno002011-04-17
"Wax My Behind""Left Behind"Slipknot2.002.002.00102011-06-12
"Welcome To Hernia""Welcome To Paradise"Green Day002011-04-09
"We Love It When I Get So Stressful""We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"Morrissey002011-04-17
"Wet Wipe""Talk"Coldplay2.002.002.00102011-04-02
"What Freaks Parodists' Song""California Uber Alles"Dead Kennedys2.002.002.00102011-05-06
"What Freaks""Jackson Cannery"Ben Folds Five1.002.002.00102011-03-19
"Wheels On The Cum""Wheels On The Bus"Traditional002011-04-09
"When I Go Out With Jodie Marsh""When I Go Out With Artists"Crash Test Dummies002011-11-19
"Who's Jenna Jameson""Where's Summer B"Ben Folds Five1.002.003.00102011-02-06
"Why Am I Online ""Where Are You Going"Dave Matthews Band2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Why Has My Old Man Gone Asleep""Where Have All The Cowboys Gone"Paula Cole002011-03-19
"Why The World Has No Gays""Where The Streets Have No Name"U22.001.001.00102011-05-23
"Wife""Faith"George Michael1.001.001.00102011-04-17
"Yo! Pussy""Hey Joni"Sonic Youth2.002.002.00102011-04-17
"Your Sexy Shit In Bradford""Your Lucky Day In Hell"Eels002012-07-22
"Yum Yum Yum Yum""MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM"Crash Test Dummies2.002.002.00102011-02-06