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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"At Last""At Last"Etta James5.005.005.00102011-04-09
"Bitchy Woman""Witchy Woman"The Eagles5.005.005.00202010-06-05
"Black Horse Hung Like A Tree""Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"KT Tunstall5.005.005.00122011-01-08
"Can't Get Laid""Can't Be Tamed"Miley Cyrus5.005.005.00302010-08-29
"Crack House""Brick House"Commodores5.005.005.00202010-05-29
"Desperate Ho""Desperado"The Eagles002010-06-12
"The Erectile Dysfunction Song""White Rabbit"Jefferson Airplane002010-06-12
"Every Time I Go Out Drinking""When I Think About Cheating"Gretchen Wilson002012-08-18
"Farting In Your Sleep""Talking In Your Sleep"The Romantics5.005.005.00312010-09-05
"Gonorrhea""Mamma Mia"ABBA5.005.005.00122010-05-29
"Hard-on Tonight""Heartache Tonight"The Eagles5.004.505.00222010-08-14
"Hefty And I Know It""Sexy And I Know It"LMFAO5.005.005.00112012-10-03
"I Didn't Cum""Don't Know Why"Norah Jones4.005.005.00112012-09-01
"I Didn't Know She Was Your Wife""Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)"Green Day002012-09-01
"I Don't Want to See You Again""See You Again"Miley Cyrus5.004.005.00102010-07-17
"I'm Gonna Hurl""I'm Just A Girl"No Doubt5.005.005.00102010-06-05
"Inflatable Woman""American Woman"The Guess Who5.005.005.00112015-11-13
"I've Got Gas""All That Jazz"Chicago Soundtrack3.504.005.00212010-06-12
"I Will Survive""I Will Survive"Gloria Gaynor4.755.005.00452010-05-29
"Leprosy""Yesterday"The Beatles5.005.005.00202010-06-05
"Montezuma's Revenge""Bad Romance"Lady GaGa5.005.005.00102010-06-05
"My Favorite S&M Things""My Favorite Things"Julie Andrews - Sound of Music4.835.005.00612010-05-29
"My Favorite S&M Things""My Favorite Things"Julie Andrews - Sound of Music4.834.834.83612010-08-14
"Need It Now""Need You Now"Lady Antebellum3.333.673.67312010-05-29
"Shit Wagon""Sin Wagon"Dixie Chicks002010-06-05
"Should I Pull Out or Blow My Load""Should I Stay or Should I Go"The Clash4.504.004.50202010-06-05
"Sister""Picture"Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow4.005.004.00112012-08-18
"Slut""Her Strut"Bob Seger002012-07-23
"Swingin'""Swingin'"John Anderson002011-07-31
"Totally Ripped A Big Fart""Total Eclipse of the Heart"Bonnie Tyler4.004.504.50212010-06-05
"The Turd""The Bird"The Time5.005.005.00112010-06-05
"Two Inch Cock""Two of Hearts"Stacy Q5.005.005.00212010-05-29
"When You're Gone""Cups (Pitch Perfect)"Anna Kendrick002014-05-20
"Wreck Your Balls""Wrecking Ball"Miley Cyrus4.004.504.50212013-12-01
"You Peed On Me""You Needed Me"Anne Murray5.005.005.00112011-07-31
"You're Too Hairy""Voices Carry"Till Tuesday4.505.004.50212012-09-01
"Zombie Apocolypse""Zombie"The Cranberries2.002.002.00112012-07-23
"Zombie""Zombie"The Cranberries5.005.005.00122012-07-23