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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"Bangs Mom, He's a Country Boy""Thank God I'm a Country Boy"John Denver5.005.005.00602007-07-14
"Bent and I Spent In Her Box""Twentieth Century Fox"The Doors2.802.802.801002007-07-17
"Butt-Fucked Harry""Love and Marriage"Frank Sinatra4.004.004.00612007-09-13
"Butt Fuck Sarah""Love and Marriage"Frank Sinatra3.273.093.091112008-10-24
"Candle In The Quim""Candle in the Wind"Elton John4.714.714.71712007-09-06
"The Clitoris""The Crystal Ship"The Doors4.564.564.56912007-07-17
"Damned Mold Flag""Grand Old Flag"Traditional002015-11-13
"Dung or Fart?""Young at Heart"Frank Sinatra002011-07-02
"Gloops, I Lipped It Again""Oops, I Did It Again"Britney Spears3.143.143.14722007-09-06
"Goon Jan B.""Sloop John B"The Beach Boys002012-07-23
"It Was A Very Good Rear""It Was A Very Good Year"Frank Sinatra3.653.653.652302008-10-19
"I've Just Creamed Her Face""I've Just Seen a Face"Beatles2.432.432.43702008-10-19
"Jell-o, I'll Love You""Hello, I Love You"The Door3.333.333.33912007-07-17
"Love Meat""Love Street"The Doors2.102.102.201002007-07-17
"Snake On Through (Till Your Hunk's Inside)""Break On Through (to the Other Side)"The Doors2.602.602.601002007-07-17
"Tasty Crack Diner""Paperback Writer"Beatles4.414.414.411712008-10-19