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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"accept yourself (the feminist song)""express yourself"madonna5.005.005.00102012-09-01
"Accept Yourself""Express Yourself"Madonna4.505.004.50202011-05-23
"addicted to me""addicted to love"robert palmer002012-08-18
"ain't too proud to get""ain't too proud to beg"tlc002012-08-18
"All Because Of Douche""All Because Of You"Cher002013-11-16
"all i need""all i need"matchbox
"All I Want Is You To Take Out Your Tube""All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"Heart5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"Another Part Of Me""Another Part Of Me"Michael Jackson5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"Are We Appealing God?""Karma Chameleon "Culture Club5.005.005.00202011-12-19
"Because Of You""Because Of You"Carrie Underwood5.005.005.00102011-10-08
"Bent""Bent"Matchbox 20002013-04-27
"big guys""big time"peter gabriel002012-08-18
"Black, Uptight People""Black And White People"Matchbox
"Blame It On Your Genes""Blame It On The Rain"Milli Vanilli002011-12-11
"Born This Way""Born This Way"Lady Gaga5.005.005.00102011-02-26
"Born To Bleed, My Lady""Born To Be My Baby"Bon Jovi3.003.503.50202011-12-11
"(Brute Strength Can't Be On A Natural Woman""(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"Aretha Franklin002014-05-20
"cabaret""cabaret"Liza Minelli002014-05-20
"Can't Let Go""Can't Let Go"Mariah Carey5.005.005.00102011-11-19
"Careless Sinner""Careless Whisper"Wham002014-05-20
"causing a commotion""causing a commotion"madonna002012-08-18
"could i be you""could i be you"matchbox 20002012-08-18
"criticize and judge""justify my love"madonna002012-09-01
"Customize My God""Justify My Love"Madonna002012-07-23
"Damn""Damn"Matchbox 20002012-07-22
"Deadbeat Mum""Deadbeat Club"B-52s5.005.005.00102011-01-08
"Deeper And Deeper""Deeper And Deeper"Madonna5.005.005.00102010-12-05
"Didn't She Almost Have It All""Didn't We Almost Have It All"Whitney Houston002012-07-23
"Diss Me Much""Miss You Much"Janet Jackson002012-07-23
"Don't Cruise Til You've Gotten Off""Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"Michael Jackson002012-07-22
"Don't Cry For Me, Suck My Wiener ""Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"Madonna002012-07-22
"Don't Judge""So What"Pink5.005.005.00102011-05-06
"don't leak""don't speak"no doubt3.503.503.50202012-08-18
"Don't Mean Nothin'""Don't Mean Nothin'"Richard Marx002011-10-08
"Don't You Know What's Inside A Dude?""Don't You Know What The Night Can Do"Steve Winwood002011-10-08
"Dressed For Safe Sex""Dressed For Success"Roxette002011-12-11
"driving in texas""walking in memphis"marc cohn002012-08-18
"Dude""Smooth"Rob Thomas And Santana002012-07-22
"eccentric avenue""electric avenue"eddy grant3.002.672.67302012-10-03
"Eggs""Legs"Zz Top5.005.005.00102012-07-23
"Enema""Panama"Van Halen5.005.005.00102012-01-14
"Enviro-bashing Song""The Charles Atlas Song"Tim Curry002011-12-19
"Escapade""Escapade"Janet Jackson002011-08-28
"Even Better Than The Real Thing""Even Better Than The Real Thing"U24.004.254.25402011-12-11
"Everybody Has Dung Inside""Everybody Have Fun Tonight"Wang Chung002011-12-11
"Everything About Q""Everything About You"Ugly Kid Joe002011-12-11
"(everything i do) i do to thwart q""(everything i do) i do it for you"bryan adams002012-08-19
"Fag Breeding""Mad Season"Matchbox
"famous faggot""make it happen"mariah carey002012-08-08
"Forgiven""Forgiven"Alanis Morissette5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"Freaking Website""Sweet Transvestite"Tim Curry5.005.005.00102012-01-14
"Freedom '11""Freedom '90"George Michael5.005.005.00102011-07-02
"From A Distance""From A Distance"Bette Midler3.003.503.50202011-12-11
"Fruit Cup""Luka"Suzanne Vega002012-07-22
"Fun For You""Run To You"Whitney Houston002011-02-06
"Gaga Don't Preach""Papa Don't Preach"Madonna5.005.005.00102011-11-27
"Gay Bashing""Breakdancing"Irene Cara3.003.003.00202012-07-23
"Gay Love""This Love"Maroon 5002012-01-14
"Gay""Stay"Lisa Loeb And Nine Stories
"Give Me Some People""Give Me One Reason"Tracy Chapman3.503.503.50202011-02-26
"Goodbye, Grrrrls""Goodbye, Earl"Dixie Chicks3.503.503.50202012-07-23
"Gross Me Out""Hold Me Now"Thompson Twins002012-07-23
"Gross Me Out""Hold Me Now"Thompson Twins002014-05-20
"Harder For Steve""Harder To Breathe"Maroon 5002011-01-08
"Harder For Steve""Harder To Breathe"Maroon
"Hazy Shade Of Mister""Hazy Shade Of Winter"The Bangles002012-07-22
"Hazy Shade Of Mister""Hazy Shade Of Winter"The Bangles002014-07-25
"He's Too Loose For Me""She's Too Good For Me"Sting5.005.005.00102010-12-05
"His Name Is Not Bayner""My Name Is Not Susan"Whitney Houston5.005.005.00102011-07-31
"Hometown Philly""Motown Philly"Boyz Ii Men1.001.001.00102011-11-19
"honey i'm home""honey i'm home"shania twain002012-08-19
"Horny Don't Matter 2night""Money Don't Metter 2night"Prince002013-04-27
"Identity""Celebrity"Brad Paisley002011-12-19
"If He Would've Been Paid For""If She Would've Been Faithful"Chicago5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"If The Womb Was A Cock""If She Knew What She Wants"The Bangles3.003.503.50202011-12-19
"I'll Be Giving You An Enema""I'll Be Loving You Forever"New Kids On The Block5.005.005.00302011-12-11
"I'll Believe You When""I'll Believe You When"Matchbox 204.204.604.60502011-12-19
"I Love Stocky Joel""I Love Rock And Roll"Joan Jett5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"I'm Not Fucking""I Have Nothing"Whitney Houston002012-07-22
"I'm So Excited""I'm So Excited"Pointer Sisters002011-12-11
"In My Bare Behind""In The Air Tonight"Phil Collins5.005.005.00102011-08-14
"In My Bare Behind""In The Air Tonight"Phil Collins002011-12-11
"In No Clothes Again""On The Road Again"Willie Nelson002012-07-23
"I Still Believe""I Still Believe"Mariah Carey / Brenda K. Starr002011-05-06
"I Think I'm Going Gay Today""I Think It's Gonna Rain Today"Bette Midler3.003.503.50202012-07-23
"It Must've Been Lust""It Must've Been Love"Roxette002011-11-19
"I Touch Myself""I Touch Myself"The Divinyls002012-07-23
"It's All Just A Fantasy Now""It's All Coming Back To Me Now"Celine Dion002013-01-30
"It's My Pervert Behind""If I Could Turn Back Time"Cher3.503.503.50202011-02-06
"It's No Charm To Lay Real Guys' Dicks (get A Fake)""It's So Hard To Say Goodbye (to Yesterday)"Boyz II Men002011-12-11
"It's The Poo On My Cock""If She Knew What She Wants"The Bangles002014-05-20
"I've Done Nothing""I Have Nothing"Whitney Houston5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"i wanna romp""i wanna rock"twisted sister002012-10-03
"I Will Be Queer For You""I Will Be Here For You"Michael W Smith002012-07-22
"I Will Offend Your Views""I Will Remember You"Amy Grant3.003.503.50202011-12-19
"I Wonder U""I Wonder U"Prince002011-12-11
"Janie's Got A Gun""Janie's Got A Gun"Aerosmith3.003.504.00202011-12-11
"Justify My Cunt""Justify My Love"Madonna5.005.005.00102010-12-05
"Just Like Satan""Just Like Heaven"The Cure002014-05-20
"Keep On Douching""Keep On Moving"Soull2soul5.005.005.00102011-07-31
"Killing Me Softly""Killing Me Softly"Michael Buble002011-12-11
"Leader Of The Lad""Leader Of The Band"Dan Fogelberg002013-11-16
"Leaky Vagina""Lady Madonna"The Beatles4.003.003.00102011-08-14
"leave a tender boner alone""leave a tender moment alone"billy jjoel5.005.005.00102012-01-14
"Let's Talk About Rape""Let's Talk About Sex"Salt N Pepa5.005.005.00302012-01-14
"Life-mending""White Wedding"Billy Idol5.001.002.00102014-10-08
"Lonely For Porn""Lonely No More"Rob Thomas002012-07-22
"The Longest Time""The Longest Time"Billy Joel5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"Look At Me, I'm Vanity""Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee"Stockard Channing002012-01-14
"Look At My Firm Behind""If I Could Turn Back Time"Cher5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"Losing My Erection""Losing My Religion"R.E.M.002011-12-11
"Lost In Your Eyes""Lost In Your Eyes"Debbie Gibson002013-11-16
"Lush Lush""Rush Rush"Paula Abdul002011-10-08
"Makes Me Wonder""Makes Me Wonder"Maroon 5002011-12-11
"Making Me All Too Hard""Taking It All Too Hard"Genesis3.503.003.00202011-12-11
"Married Gays""Mary Jane"Alanis Morissette3.673.673.67302012-07-23
"Mating Like A Coward""Fading Like A Flower"Roxette002012-07-23
"A Matter Of Lust""A Matter Of Trust"Billy Jjoel002012-07-22
"Moaning No More""Lonely No More"Rob Thomas002011-12-19
"More Than A Woman""More Than A Woman"Bee Gees3.003.003.00202013-11-16
"Move This""Move This"Technotronic002012-07-23
"Must Get Out""Must Get Out"Maroon 5002012-08-08
"my game is wit""my name is prince"prince002012-08-19
"The Nanny Fine""The Dolphins Cry"Live5.005.005.00102011-11-19
"Needing to Be Charmed""Easy to Be Hard"Three Dog Night002012-08-08
"Never Before And Never Again""Never Before And Never Again"Miss Piggy002011-12-11
"New Attitude""New Attitude"Patti Lebelle002012-07-23
"No Replies""Seperate Lives"Phil Collins & Marylin Martin5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"No Son Of Mine""No Son Of Mine"Genesis002013-11-16
"no strength""no rain"blind melon002012-08-08
"Nude Sensations""New Sensation"INXS3.503.503.50202011-12-11
"Object Of My Satire""Object Of My Desire"Starpoint002011-12-11
"One Boner Inside""One Moment In Time"Whitney Houston002012-07-23
"Operation Spirit (the Tyranny Of Tradition)""Operation Spirit (the Tyranny Of Tradition)"Live3.503.503.50202011-10-08
"Opposites Attract""Opposites Attract"Paula Abdul002012-07-23
"Owner Of A Boastful Heart""Owner Of A Broken Heart"Yes5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"Penis Makes Us Go Hmmn""Things That Make You Go Hmmn"C&c Music Factory5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"Pride Gets In The Way""Words Get In The Way"Gloria Estefan/miami Sound Machine002012-07-22
"Puppies Are Phat""Baby Got Back"Sir Mix-a-Lot5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"Repulsions""Emotions"Mariah Carey002011-12-11
"Sass To Mock It""Brass In Pocket"The Pretenders002014-05-20
"Sassy Nation""Rhythm Nation"Janet Jackson002011-10-08
"Save Me From Poo""Take Me With U"Prince5.004.004.00102011-12-19
"Seasons Change""Seasons Change"Expose3.503.003.50202012-07-23
"Selling The Hard-on""Selling The Drama"Live3.503.003.00202011-12-19
"semi-charmed life""semi-charmed life"third eye blind002012-09-01
"Semi-charmed Masculine Existence""Semi-charmed Life"Third Eye Blind002010-12-05
"Seussical""Beautiful"Christina Aguliera 3.503.003.50202011-07-02
"Sexcapade""Escapade"Janet Jackson5.005.005.00102011-12-19
"Shameless""Shameless"Billy Joel002012-07-23
"She Will Be Raped""She Will Be Loved"Maroon
"The Sign""The Sign"Ace Of Base3.003.503.50202011-12-11
"So Emotional""Holding Out For A Hero"Bonnie Tyler002014-07-25
"So Emotional""So Emotional"Whitney Houston002014-05-20
"so emotional""so emotional"whitney houston002012-08-18
"Some Kind Of Wonderful""Some Kind Of Wonderful"Huey Lewis And The News3.003.003.00202012-07-23
"Something's Always Wrong""Something's Always Wrong"Toad The Wet Sproket002011-12-11
"Something To Praise""Something To Save"George Michael3.502.503.00202012-07-23
"Sometimes An Oral-b""Sometimes A Fantasy"Billy Joel5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"Song Parodies""My Favorite Things"Julie Andrews002011-12-19
"So Promotional""So Emotional"Whitney Houston002011-10-08
"So Raw""So Pure"Alanis Morissette3.003.003.00202012-07-23
"Suck Off My Son""Soak Up The Sun"Sheryl Crow002011-08-14
"Tainted Blood""Tainted Love"Soft Cell002012-07-22
"Take My Breasts Away""Take My Breath Away"Berlin3.403.603.60502011-12-19
"Tell Them About It""Tell Her About It"Billy Joel4.004.004.00112010-12-05
"That's What Girls Are For""That's What Love Is For"Amy Grant002014-12-28
"These Boobs Are Made To Nurture""These Boots Are Made For Walking"Billy Ray Cyrus
"These Dreams""These Dreams"Heart5.005.005.00102011-11-19
"This Love""This Love"Maroon 5002011-12-11
"Too Chunky""Too Funky"George Michael3.503.003.50202011-12-11
"Too Legit For Dick""Too Legit To Quit"Hammer002012-07-22
"Total Eclipse Of My Heart""Total Eclipse Of The Heart"Bonnie Tyler002011-02-06
"Touch Me ""Touch Me"Samantha Fox002011-01-08
"tough""tough"craig morgan3.503.503.50202012-08-18
"under average""under the bridge"red hot chili peppers002012-08-18
"Under This Guy""Under The Sky"Heart002012-07-22
"Under Yo' Pants""Buffalo Stance"Neneh Cherry002011-12-11
"Uner Yo' Pants""Buffalo Stance"Neneh Cherry4.004.004.00402011-12-11
"Uninvited""Uninvited"Alanis Morissette3.503.503.50202011-12-11
"Victim Nation""Rhythm Nation"Janet Jackson5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"Vision Of Sex""Vision Of Love"Mariah Carey002011-12-11
"What About Me""What About Me"Moving Pictures002011-10-08
"Whatfreaks""Don't Speak"No Doubt5.005.005.00102011-10-08
"What Have You Won For Me Lately""Whatt Have You Done For Me Lately"Janet Jackson002011-11-27
"What You Waiting For""What You Waiting For"Gwen Stefani002011-12-11
"womb as a cock""room at the top"adam ant3.003.503.50202012-08-18
"Wombn Needs A Rape""Union Of The Snake"Duran Duran5.005.005.00102011-12-11
"Wombn""Human"Human League3.003.003.00102011-08-14
"You Make My Butt Scream""The Way You Love Me"Faith Hill5.005.005.00102010-12-05
"You're No Buy""I Go Blind"Hootie And The Blowfish5.005.005.00102011-02-26
"You're Too Real""You're So Real"Matchbox 20002012-07-23