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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"Bad Head Again""Bad Medicine"Bon Jovi3.383.503.50812008-11-08
"Born to Come""Born to Run"Bruce Springsteen5.005.005.00112011-03-19
"Circus Freak""Super Freak"Rick James002011-03-19
"Come Out - You're Gay""Come Out and Play (You Gotta Keep 'Em Separated)"Offspring5.005.005.00112008-09-22
"Delirious, Babe""Mysterious Ways"U25.004.505.00202008-09-22
"Down on the Corner (hooker version)""Down on the Corner"Creedence Clearwater Revival4.894.894.891842008-10-19
"Flaccid Cock""Like A Rock"Bob Seger5.005.005.00212011-02-26
"Food Keeps Me Comin'""It Keeps You Runnin'"Doobie Brothers002011-03-19
"Gaston the Man-Whore""Gaston"Disney5.005.005.00242008-08-27
"G-String""Peace Train"Cat Stevens4.504.624.62802008-10-24
"Hemorrhoids""Hungry Eyes"Eric Carmen5.005.005.00112011-02-26
"Hump-us Pump-us""Oompah Loompah Song "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)4.504.004.00412008-09-06
"I've Cum Everywhere""I've Been Everywhere"Johnny Cash4.894.894.89962008-10-24
"Jenny With a Cock""Jenny From the Block"J.Lo5.005.005.00132008-10-11
"Joe-Ray-Steve""Do-Re-Mi"The Sound of Music1.001.001.00122008-10-11
"Lay of My Life""Time of My Life"Green Day5.005.005.00772008-09-30
"Livin' with a Square""Livin' on a Prayer"Bon Jovi5.005.005.00102008-09-30
"Long Hard Bone""Long Time Gone"Dixie Chicks5.005.005.00762008-10-19
"Make Me Your Girl""Part Of Your World"The Little Mermaid5.005.005.00212008-09-13
"Male Geriatric Tramp""Lady Is a Tramp"Frank Sinatra5.005.005.00402008-09-30
"Nympho Case""Basket Case"Green Day3.603.803.80512008-09-22
"Paternal Shame""Eternal Flame"The Bangles3.503.503.50202008-10-24
"Paying Guest""Be Our Guest"Beauty and the Beast (1991)
"Prancing Queen""Dancing Queen"ABBA4.004.004.00222008-09-22
"See It""Hit That"Offspring5.005.005.00312008-09-22
"Sex Addiction Rehab""Rehab"Amy Winehouse1.002.002.00102008-09-13
"Slow-Pain-Scream""Do-Re-Mi"The Sound of Music5.005.005.00152008-10-11
"Starin' at My Tits""Puttin' On the Ritz"Taco4.504.254.38812008-10-19
"That Hair""No Air"Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown5.005.005.00632008-09-06
"Wake Me Up When Your Member's Spent""Wake Me Up When September Ends"Green Day4.624.624.62802008-09-30
"Why Ain't You Giving Me Head""Ain't That a Kick in the Head"Dean Martin2.252.502.50402008-09-30
"You Give Cum a Bad Name""You Give Love a Bad Name"Bon Jovi3.573.713.71742008-09-22