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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"Bad Girl (Serenade For Tia)""Bad Girl"Girls' Generation002011-12-11
"Battle Scream""Teenage Dream"Katy Perry3.003.004.00112010-12-05
"Before She Screams""Before He Cheats"Carrie Underwood2.332.332.33302007-09-29
"Be My Fuck Buddy (Serenade For Narsha)""Be My Baby"Wonder Girls002011-12-11
"Boyfriend (Serenade For Melanie)""Boyfriend"Big Time Rush1.002.002.00102011-12-11
"Bratty Cheerleader""Black Or White"Michael Jackson1.004.002.00102009-07-01
"Bubble Pop (Answer To Hyuna)""Bubble Pop!"Hyuna1.501.501.50202011-11-27
"Cheerleader Anthem""Dancefloor Anthem"Good Charlotte4.004.004.00112007-10-13
"Cheerleader Pop Princess""Tattoo"Jordin Sparks4.004.004.00202007-11-28
"Cheerleader Pop Star""Stronger"Kanye West4.503.003.50202007-10-15
"Cheerleaders Totally Rock""Not Like That"Ashley Tisdale4.004.004.00102007-10-06
"Cheerleaders""Teenagers"My Chemical Romance4.004.004.00102007-10-01
"A Cheerleader With No Panties On""Teardrops On My Guitar"Taylor Swift3.603.803.80512007-10-01
""crazy For You (song For Leah)""""not Over You""Gavin Degraw2.002.002.00102012-07-23
"Dreaming Of You (A Song For Katy)""Thinking Of You"Katy Perry012009-01-17
"Emo Cheerleader""Sweet Dreams"Beyonce1.001.001.00102009-07-16
"Female Santa""All About That Bass"Meghan Trainor002014-12-28
"Fuckable Cheerleader""Need You Now"Lady Antebellum002010-05-29
"Fuck Dat Hot Cheerleader""Crank Dat"Soulja Boy3.503.503.50202007-09-29
"Fuck Her Under The Mistletoe""Kiss Kiss"Ladies' Code002014-12-28
"Fuckin' Beautiful (A Song About Sunny's Titties)""Fuckin' Perfect"Pink1.001.001.00102011-12-11
"Fuck Me Baby (Song For Lizzy)""Bangkok City"Orange Caramel002011-12-11
"Fuck Me Fuck Me (Serenade For Taeyeon)""Bo Peep Bo Peep"T-ara1.001.001.00102011-11-19
"Fuck Me Under The Mistletoe (Song For Mint)""Really Don't Care"Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd002014-12-28
"Fuck Under The Mistletoe""Soap"Melanie Martinez002016-02-26
"Fuck You (Song For Hyoyeon)""Hate You"2NE15.005.005.00102011-11-19
"The Girls""The Boys"Girls' Generation002011-11-19
"Going Crazy (Response To Ji Eun)""Going Crazy"Song Ji Eun002011-12-11
"Hello Minah (Song For Minah)""Good Bye Baby"Miss A002011-12-11
"Hey Santa (2015 Adult Version)""Hey Santa"Carnie & Wendy Wilson002015-11-13
"Hey, Zinger (Song For Zinger)""I'm Busy"2NE1002011-12-11
"Hot Girls For Christmas""Party"Girls' Generation002015-11-13
"Hot Santa""Shake It Off"Taylor Swift3.003.003.00102014-12-28
"Hottest Cheerleader Ever""Teenage Love Affair"Alicia Keys2.502.502.50212008-07-05
"I Don't Think That You're Ugly (Minzy's Song)""Ugly"2NE1002011-11-19
"I Fucked A Cheerleader Last Night""Find Your Love"Drake002010-05-29
"I Like Tiffany's Butt""Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"Katy Perry002011-12-11
"I Really Want A Japanese Girl For Christmas""I Really Like You"Carly Rae Jepsen002015-11-13
""i Totally Love You (song For Mui)""""the Dj Is Mine""Wonder Girls002012-07-23
"It's A Cheerleader Romance""Hot N Cold"Katy Perry002008-10-24
""I Wanna Fuck Ashley Tisdale""""Like A Boy""Ciara3.172.502.50622007-09-28
"I Wanna Fuck Hilary Duff""With Love"Hilary Duff3.003.503.50432007-10-08
"I Wanna Fuck You, Seohyun""Syndrome"Chocolat2.003.003.00102011-11-19
"I Want A Girl As A Gift""Habits (Stay High)"Tove Lo002014-12-28
"I Want A Korean Girl For Christmas""Break Free"Ariana Grande feat. Zedd002014-12-28
"I Want All Of You""We Can't Stop"Miley Cyrus002013-11-16
"I Want Korean Fuck Dolls For Christmas""Can't Feel My Face"The Weeknd1.005.002.00102015-11-13
"I Want Teenage Girls For Christmas""Hello"Adele002016-02-26
"I Want You (Serenade For Sooyoung)""It's You"Super Junior002011-11-19
"Jessica, Jessica""Heart To Heart"4minute002011-11-19
"Lacey's Song""All Around Me"Flyleaf4.004.004.00112007-10-20
"Lesbian Cheerleader""Love Like This"Natasha Bedingfield f/ Sean Kingston4.004.004.00102008-04-05
"Lift Up Your Skirt""Take A Bow"Rihanna3.333.673.67312008-06-16
"Lindsay And Hilary Need To Be Together""Suddenly"Ashley Tisdale4.004.004.00102007-10-13
"LoveStoned (Drunk Girl Version)""LoveStoned"Justin Timberlake3.503.503.50202007-09-29
"Luna (Serenade For Luna)""Banana"G.NA2.002.002.00102011-12-11
"Mrs. Pretty Girl (Song For Yuri)""Dr. Feel Good"Rania002011-11-19
"Mrs. Taxi (Serenade For SNSD)""Mr. Taxi"Girls' Generation002011-12-11
"My Grown Up Christmas List (Adult Version)""My Grown Up Christmas List"Kelly Clarkson002015-11-13
"My Naughty Christmas List""Christmas Wrapping"The Waitresses002014-12-28
"Naked Christmas""Sugar Free"T-ara002014-12-28
"Naughty Christmas""Stay With Me"Sam Smith002014-12-28
"Naughty With You (A Song For Jaekyung)""Because Of You"After School1.002.003.00102011-12-11
"Obsessed With Cheerleaders""Obsessed"Mariah Carey1.003.002.00122009-08-03
"Oh, Hyorin (Song For Hyorin)""Ma Boy"SISTAR19002011-12-11
"Oh, Tiffany""Sixth Sense"Brown Eyed Girls5.005.005.00102011-11-27
""Only Girl I Wanna Fuck For Christmas Is You""""All I Want For Christmas is You""Mariah Carey002013-12-01
""Only Girl I Wanna Fuck For Christmas Is You""""All I Want For Christmas is You""Mariah Carey002013-12-01
"Problem (Serenade For Nari)""Problem"Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea1.003.002.00102014-07-25
"Sandara (Serenade To Dara)""Run Devil Run"Girls' Generation002011-12-11
"Santa Tell Me (Adult Version)""Santa Tell Me"Ariana Grande002015-11-13
""Santa Tiffany""""Santa Baby""Eartha Kitt002013-12-01
"Serenade For Hyomin""Roly Poly"T-ara002011-11-19
""sexier Than You (serenade For Zion)""""someone Like You""Adele1.003.004.00102012-07-23
"Sexy Girl (Song For Hyosung)""PeeKaBoo"JQT002011-12-11
"She Kissed A Cheerleader""I Kissed A Girl"Katy Perry5.005.005.00102008-06-16
"She Loves Me As My Cheerleader""The Great Escape"Boys Like Girls3.503.503.50202007-10-01
"She Loves Me""When You're Gone"Avril Lavigne2.502.502.50202007-10-25
"She's A Goth Cheerleader""If This Isn't Love"Jennifer Hudson002009-07-26
"Skye Sweetnam Is My Girlfriend""Music Is My Boyfriend"Skye Sweetnam2.673.332.67312007-10-25
"Slutty Cheerleader""He Said She Said"Ashley Tisdale4.004.004.00102007-10-01
"Slutty Christmas List""Um Ah Oh Yeh"MAMAMOO002015-11-13
"Slutty Girl (Serenade To G.NA)""Top Girl"G.NA2.002.002.00102011-12-11
""teenage Fuck Buddy (song For Trinity)""""set Fire To The Rain""Adele1.001.001.00102012-07-23
""teenage Wet Dream (song For Janey)""""one More Day""Chocolat2.002.002.00102012-07-23
""the Party's So Much Better With U (amet's Song)""""music Sounds Better With U""Big Time Rush1.002.002.00102012-07-23
"Today Was A Fairytale (Cheerleader Remix)""Today Was A Fairytale"Taylor Swift002010-05-29
"Total Hottie (Serenade For Krystal)""Hot Summer"f(x)1.501.501.50202011-11-27
"Totally Flirty Cheerleader""If I Never See Your Face Again"Maroon 5 f/ Rihanna002008-07-05
"Totally Nasty Cheerleader""Bleeding Love"Leona Lewis4.004.004.00202008-03-07
"Truth Or Dare Slumber Party""Just The Way You Are"Bruno Mars002010-12-05
"Unthinkable (Cheerleader Anthem)""Unthinkable (I'm Ready)"Alicia Keys2.002.002.00102010-06-20
"Wall 2 Wall (Drunk Girl Version)""Wall 2 Wall"Chris Brown4.004.004.00102007-10-06
"When Cheerleaders Make Out""When I Grow Up"Pussycat Dolls002008-07-05
"Wild Party (Song For Jessica Jung)""Birthday"Katy Perry002014-07-25
"X-Rated Christmas""Vibrato"Stellar002015-11-13
"You And I (Response To Park Bom)""You And I"Park Bom002011-12-11
"You Are So Damn Slutty""The One That Got Away"Katy Perry002011-11-19
"You're Just A Pretty Cheerleader""S.O.S"Jonas Brothers4.004.004.00122007-10-15
"You're So Hot (Song For Sunny)""I Don't Care"2NE1002011-11-19
"You're Such A Hottie""Easy"Paula DeAnda4.004.004.00102007-10-19
"You're Totally Hot (Serenade For Yoona)""Genie"Girls' Generation002011-11-27