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ParodyOriginal Song TitleOriginal PerformerPacingFunnyOverallVotesCommentsSubmitted
"American Homosexual Bar Association""American Honky Tonk Bar Association"Garth Brooks4.504.004.00402007-07-25
"Anal is Harmless""Angel of Harlem"U25.005.005.00112012-12-02
"Arouse Yourself""Lose Yourself"Eminem4.754.004.25422011-03-19
"Bigger Man""Better Man"Pearl Jam5.005.005.00102013-06-01
"Billy Dean""Billie Jean"Michael Jackson4.504.004.00412007-08-29
"Bitches""Peaches"Presidents of the United States2.201.801.80502007-07-28
"Blind""Shine"Take That5.005.005.00122008-08-27
"Bunghole Nookie""Jungle Boogie"Kool and the Gang002013-11-16
"Check You For Dick""Ticks"Brad Paisley4.333.673.67312007-07-25
"Cock Like Mine""Chalk Outline"Three Days Grace002013-11-16
"Crabs Really Blow""You Oughtta Know"Alanis Morissette5.005.004.67312011-02-26
"Dead of Stroke""Diff'rent Strokes"Alan Thicke5.005.005.00232010-05-29
"Don't Go Shavin' Boyfriends' Balls""Waterfalls"TLC5.005.005.00202011-02-26
"Do You Wanna Get A Blow, Man?""Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?"Frozen5.005.005.00202014-07-25
"Ebola""Chattahoochee"Alan Jackson4.333.673.67302007-09-13
"Enter Hand-man""Enter Sandman"Metallica002010-05-23
"Fapping By Myself""Dancing With Myself"Billy Idol5.005.005.00302013-06-01
"Fellatio""Rodeo"Garth Brooks4.203.803.20512007-07-25
"Fetish Game""Aeroplane"Red Hot Chili Peppers3.332.673.00632007-09-04
"Finger Fucker""Fixer Upper"Frozen002014-10-08
"Four Inches Hung""Forever Young"Rod Stewart002011-03-19
"Frosty the Flasher""Frosty the Snowman"Gene Autry4.714.294.29722007-08-29
"Fuck! I'm the Lady (tonight)""Luck Be a Lady"Frank Sinatra4.004.004.00222008-09-04
"Fucking with Open Sores""Love is an Open Door"Frozen5.005.005.00102014-10-08
"Glory, Glory, Let Me Do Ya""Battle Hymn of the Republic"Julia Ward Howe4.204.003.80502007-08-03
"Go Diego Go (to the bathroom)""Go Diego Go"Nick Jr.3.503.003.00422008-01-13
"Homey Got Sack""Baby Got Back"Sir Mix-A-Lot5.005.005.00112013-01-30
"Hunk! The L.A. Tabloids Sing""Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"William Cummings3.673.003.00302007-08-23
"I Just Can't Wait To Get Laid""I Just Can't Wait To Be King"The Lion King3.002.602.60502007-09-08
"It's the Hard Cock Life""It's the Hard Knock Life"Little Orphan Annie5.005.005.00202014-07-25
"I Wanna Be Fellated""I Wanna Be Sedated"The Ramones5.005.005.00402013-01-30
"Kids in Lots of Places""Friends in Low Places"Garth Brooks4.333.673.67312007-09-04
"Legacy of a Head Man""Santa Monica"Theory of a Deadman5.005.005.00112012-11-01
"Let It Grow""Let It Gi"Idina Menzel5.005.005.00102014-07-25
"Loudest Screams""Wildest Dreams"Taylor Swift002016-02-26
"Mama Loved Papa (Papa loved queers)""Papa Loved Mama"Garth Brooks4.003.003.00202007-07-25
"Mamas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Queerboys""Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys"Willie Nelson4.004.174.17612007-08-26
"Manjuice Squirtin' Over""Champagne Supernova"Oasis4.253.754.00412011-02-26
"Masturb8er Boi""Sk8er Boi"Avril Lavigne3.603.203.20502007-10-02
"Masturbation""Sleigh Ride"Johnny Mathis3.503.503.50632007-08-23
"Middle School Teacher Ma'am""Son of a Preacher Man"Dusty Springfield5.005.005.00632008-10-19
"Ms. Claus Got Bent Over by a Reindeer""Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"Elmo and Patsy4.334.334.33622007-07-28
"My Shillelagh""My Sharona"The Knack4.004.004.00422010-05-29
"The Night the Nuns Put Out in Georgia""The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"Reba McEntire4.254.504.50802007-09-21
"Nine Inch Guys""9 to 5"Dolly Parton5.005.005.00102014-12-28
"Nudist Woman""Redneck Woman"Gretchen Wilson3.753.753.75422007-08-09
"The N Word (Nerds)""L Word Theme Song"Betty1.501.501.50202008-06-06
"Office Fling""Self Esteem"The Offspring5.005.005.00212012-12-02
"Parody Geek""Paranoid Freak"The Trews002012-12-02
"Plump""Lump"Presidents of the United States of America002010-05-23
"Pretty Bi (for a straight guy)""Pretty Fly (for a white guy)"The Offspring4.255.004.75422008-09-13
"Prude Just Tried to Lay Me""Dude (Looks like a Lady)"Aerosmith3.003.503.50212012-12-02
"The Purple Pecker Sucker""The Purple People Eater"Sheb Wooley4.004.004.00402007-09-07
"Put Out""Stressed Out"Twenty One Pilots002016-02-26
"Queer Weiner""Cheerleader"OMI002016-02-26
"Rudolph the Small Dicked Reindeer""Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"Johnny Marks4.454.454.451132007-07-25
"Shapeless""Shameless"Garth Brooks5.005.005.00212008-09-04
"Sodomy""Honesty"Billy Joel5.005.005.00102011-03-19
"Steal Some Pussy""Steal My Kisses"Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals5.005.005.00112013-04-27
"Straight Up My Asshole""Straight Up"Paula Abdul002010-08-22
"Surprise, It's Vice!""Surprise Surprise"Billy Talent1.002.002.00102012-12-02
"Teabagger""Sledgehammer"Peter Gabriel5.005.005.00212012-12-02
"Traci Lords Porno Star""Jesus Christ Superstar"Andrew Lloyd Webber4.673.003.67302011-03-19
"Wankin' Thinkin'""Drinkin' Thinkin'"George Canyon2.002.002.00202007-07-27
"The Way I Jizz""The Way It Is"Bruce Hornsby and the Range4.004.004.00202013-06-01
"We're Polygamy""We Are Family"Sister Sledge5.005.005.00302013-01-30
"Wet Dream Reliever""Daydream Believer"The Monkees5.005.005.00112012-12-02
"We've Got Strange Desires""We Didn't Start the Fire"Billy Joel5.005.005.00222010-08-14
"WhatFreaks""Le Freak"Chic4.674.004.00342007-09-28
"What if God Fucked One of Us""What if God was One of Us"Joan Osborne002013-01-30
"When I Spread Her""The Letter"Joe Cocker3.003.003.00802007-09-27
"When You Bop""At The Hop"Danny & The Juniors3.753.753.75402007-09-07
"When You Cum it's Loud""When I Come Around"Green Day5.005.005.00102014-05-20
"When You Cum it's Loud""When I Come Around"Green Day002014-05-20
"White Trash Paradise""Gangsta's Paradise"Coolio5.005.005.00112010-05-29