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Nov 27 whatfreaks
Voting wasn't working on the parodies, I've fixed it. (Comments & Parodies)
May 23 WhatFreaks
Updates for all sections will occur on SATURDAY every week until the number of submissions becomes larger. If I know I have to do it on Saturday hopefully I'll remember to do it more often. (Comments & Parodies)
Mar 4 YouTube
Song/Video called "Hassan Chop! Authentic Jihad Rap". Rap song from a terrorist's point of view. Very "over the top" stuff. (Comments & Parodies)
New messageboard for just What Freaks posters to use. The return of the Nasty Penguins! (Comments & Parodies)
July 25 WhatFreaks News
Latest comments should be updating every hour now, not that there are many comments lately. We could also use some short parodies for the song parody fragment section. (Comments & Parodies)
July 11 WhatFreaks News
Let me know if there are any sections you'd like to see here. Also, spread the word that we are back! We need some exposure! (Comments & Parodies)
June 21 WhatFreaks
We're back you sick mother fuckers (Comments & Parodies)